The association


DanceSquare is the dance commission of AGEPoly at EPFL. Our mission? To spread the love of dance on campus through parties, workshops, and other activities. Check the calendar to find about our events!

We all come from different backgrounds in the DanceSquare committee, but what brings us together is our passion for dance, curiosity, and sharing.

Interested in a particular dance? We have four subcomissions, each dedicated to a particular set of dances. Learn about them here.

The DanceSquare committee

President: Barbara De Groot
Vice-President: Simon Guilloud
Graphic design and communications: Lapo Ferretti
Treasurer: Bruno Ploumhans
Contact us if you want to join the committee:

Presidents of subcommissions:

President of Rock Affinity: Clara Olsen
President of Cubaliente:
Skander Moalla
President of Architango:
Lily Martin
President of All that Swing: 
Bakul Vinchhi

Our statuts

You can find them here.